Faith Lutheran Church
Appleton, Wisconsin

Music is central to the services at Faith Lutheran Church in Appleton, Wisconsin. The church supports five choirs, a men's chorus, a women's chorus, four handbell choirs and brass, string and woodwind ensembles as part of their music ministry.

They also broadcast Sunday services throughout northeastern Wisconsin on WHBY radio.

Lewis Sound and Video has had the pleasure of having Faith Lutheran as a long-term customer, beginning with the installation of the main components of their sanctuary audio system about 10 years ago. We have continued to adapt the sanctuary system to the church's changing needs, and as those needs branched out, we installed similar audio and video systems in their fellowship hall, Sunday school and other areas. An important aspect of this is maintaining a consistent sound, look and feel throughout the church, thereby simplifying operation for the end user, while ensuring the same high quality audio experience they have been accustomed to over the years.

The sanctuary sound system includes

  • A three-way speaker system with subwoofers
  • Podium, altar and wireless microphones
  • Digital signal processing
  • A chancel mixing system with automatic mic mixer
  • A Sound Craft Series 2 mixing console for the sanctuary
  • A second Sound Craft console for the radio broadcasts

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SoundCraft mixing board used for the radio broadcasts.

Additional monitor used when choirs or ensembles perform on the chancel.

Band and ensemble area has monitors set up for the musicians.

Main mixing board used for services is located in the choir loft.

Closeup of the central loudspeaker cluster mounted above the chancel.

Small rack next to the main mixing board holds sound processing equipment plus CD and cassette.

The sanctuary at Faith Lutheran with sound system by Lewis Sound & Video.

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