Friebert, Finerty & St. John
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

FF&SJ is a nationally-known law firm located in downtown Milwaukee. The firm is known for its creative problem solving and success at resolving conflicts without litigation.

Lewis Sound & Video installed projection and sound in their new large conference room, which is a very bright room with large outside windows on one side and and windows to an inner reception area on the other. The system, used for client and staff meetings, includes:

  • An extremely bright, 5000-lumen Sanyo projector well able to deal with the usually bright lighting. FF&SJ uses it for large screen computer display plus video and cable TV.
  • A motorized mount that raises the projector into the ceiling to hide it when not in use.
  • A 10" Crestron touch panel that provides simplified operation of the projection, sound and lighting systems.

In addition to the these systems, we installed a 42" plasma display and a sound system in a second, smaller conference room at the firm.

Matt O'Neill, an attorney at FF&SJ, recently used the system in a large mediation meeting. "This was a meeting involving six or seven different parties," he says, "and a total of about 15 people, everybody working on the same settlement document. The case involved a judgment of over $200 million, and the mediation was quite complex. We put everybody in the same room, had the document up on the big screen and went through it line by line. We finished at 12:30 or 1:00 in the morning, but we got it done. I'm not sure we would have reached a settlement without the new system. "

O'Neill says the firm has been extremely pleased with the new AV system. "It turned out much better than we could have anticipated or could have hoped. It's extraordinarily useful."

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Lewis Sound & Video installed a 5000-lumen projector to handle the bright window light.

Touch panel controls make an otherwise complex AV system simple to operate.

The look of the room was crucial to FF&SJ mangers, so we hid AV components in this credenza.

The well-known firm is located in the Plaza East building in downtown Milwaukee.

A terrific view of downtown Milwaukee sets off the FF&SJ conference room.

We also installed a plasma display and sound system in this smaller conference room.

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