Irvin L. Young Auditorium
University of Wisconsin - Whitewater

Opened in 1992, the 1300-seat Young Auditorium provides the Whitewater community an outstanding venue for music, dance and theater, hosting everything from Carmen to Grease to the Glenn Miller Orchestra.

Lewis Sound & Video designed, engineered, and installed a high-end theatrical sound system which includes

  • A center loudspeaker cluster mounted over the proscenium
  • A smaller delay cluster to serve the balcony
  • A 32-channel mixing board
  • A production intercom system
  • A Peavey X-Frame DSP that provides multiple setup presets, including presets that allow touring bands and companies to easily tie their portable systems into the auditorium's house sound.

Auxiliary systems include

  • Multi-channel intercom
  • Multi-zone lobby paging and background music
  • Back-of-house program, paging and intercom systems
  • (for dressing room, production and administration areas)
  • CCTV video system for remote visual monitoring throughout the production areas

Read a detailed description of theatrical sound system design.

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The Auditorium in use for a university lecture.

The Auditorium with its central loudspeaker cluster mounted over the proscenium.

An outstanding venue for music, dance and theater.

The Young Auditorium with its theatrical sound system designed by Lewis Sound & Video.

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