Lakeview RecPlex
Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin

When the Lakeview RecPlex finished a major expansion in 2004, it became one of the Midwest's largest indoor recreation facilities. It now includes an enormous 60,000 square foot field house, a 17,000 square foot aquatics center, an 8,000 square foot fitness center, an IcePlex with two hockey/figure skating arenas and much more.

The Village of Pleasant Prairie brought in Lewis Sound & Video midway through the installation, when they realized the original contractor was not going to be able to complete the work satisfactorily. We evaluated the plans, modified them in a number of important ways and proceeded with the project. The completed system includes:

  • A full digital video production and editing system, which the center uses to create videos of various events, then offer them to parents on DVD. To this end, each arena is equipped with four permanently-installed robotic cameras plus microphones; staff can bring in additional cameras as well. Lewis Sound was responsible for the final design and installation of the production system, though some of the equipment was supplied by the original contractor.
  • A facility-wide digital signage/messaging system. The original contractor installed sixteen 32" monitors and plasma displays, but we designed, installed and programmed the system head end and did most of the network wiring. The RecPlex uses the system for announcements of upcoming events and advertising from local businesses.
  • An 8-zone digital paging system. We designed and installed a system where pages can be initiated by staff at any telephone and sent to any or all parts of the facility. The pages are broadcast on the building's various sound systems and override each music source or microphone in use.
  • Sound systems in the field house, aquatic center, fitness center, ice arenas, aerobics room, cycling room, yoga room, and smaller exercise/instruction rooms. The original contractor began installation of all of these systems, but we added networked digital signal processing for critical control and equalization functions, then reworked and tuned each system for optimal sound. We also programmed room combining sound systems in the field house (used in 1, 2, 3 or 4 sections), the aerobics room (2 sections) and the Lake/Prairie rooms (2 sections). All areas have their own wireless mic systems, CD background music and, in the larger rooms, satellite radio.
  • A video projection system in one of the IcePlex rinks, used in figure skating competitions and for family skating.
  • CardioTheater systems in the fitness center. The original contractor installed the TVs; we added FM transmitters and headset receivers so users can listen to the television programs of their choice.

"While we only sold about 20% of the equipment for this project, we supplied 90% of the functionality," says Henry Lewis. "We were responsible for the clarity of the sound and video, completing, tuning and adding key components to each system. We also redesigned and rebuilt the production room from scratch. For whatever reason, the original contractor just seems to have gotten in over their heads."

Ruth Otto, IT director for the Village of Pleasant Prairie, who is in charge of the AV technology at the RecPlex, puts it this way:

"Lewis Sound was put in a challenging situation and had to clean up a real mess. They turned it around and delivered a professional sound and video environment. They did an excellent job. I'd recommend them to anyone. Absolutely."

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The video control room. Smaller LCD monitors preview each of the IcePlex robotic cameras.

Touch screen control panel for video distribution system.

Ice arena showing projection system. Loudspeakers, cameras and microphones are in the ceiling.

One of 8 robotic cameras we installed above the ice arenas.

1/4 section of the field house. Room-combining sound system includes wireless mics and music.

Treadmill area of fitness center with background music, paging and CardioTheater systems.

We installed an audio transmitter on each TV. Guests tune headsets to the channel they choose.

The aquatics center system provides background music plus voice reinforcement via wireless mics.

The dividable aerobics room, with CD music and wireless mic systems.

The cycle room with its 5.1 surround sound and plasma-based video system.

The video control room. Smaller LCD monitors preview each of the IcePlex robotic cameras.


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