Weeks Hall
University of Wisconsin - Madison

Originally built in 1974, Weeks Hall houses the UW-Madison Department of Geology and Geophysics' classrooms, library and research facilities.

A major addition in 2004 included a new lecture hall with audio and video systems by Lewis Sound & Video. The installation includes:

  • Side by side Sanyo LCD projectors with long-throw lenses in a projection booth at the back of the room.
  • Dual document cameras: a Wolfvision tabletop unit and a ClearOne ceiling-mounted camera.
  • Audio Technica microphones hung from the ceiling, which pick up and reinforce instructors' voices from anywhere in the front of the room.
  • Interfacing for a dedicated computer in the podium plus laptop.
  • A front-throw projection booth (located in the rear of the room) housing the multimedia projectors, two Kodak slide projectors, and sound and video source equipment.
  • Crestron operating controls with 15" Isys touch panel located at the podium and a 12" panel in the projection room. Each controls all AV and lighting systems and includes a preview screen for the instructor.
  • Crestron wireless mouse with laser pointer (also controls the slide projectors).

Lewis Sound installed extensive AV, including dual projectors, hanging mics, and Crestron controls.

A major remodeling in 2004 included this all-new lecture hall.

The podium with its Crestron touchpanel and standard and ceiling-mounted doc cameras.

Projection room with dual Sanyo projectors, dual slide projectors, equipment rack and touchpanel.

Each touchpanel controls projectors, sources, lighting & volume levels. Note the preview screen.

Weeks Hall houses geology and geophysics classrooms, library and research facilities.


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