Heide Hall
University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee

Built in 1966, Heide Hall is one of the older classroom buildings at UW Whitewater. It houses the departments of Communication and Modern Languages and Literatures.

Lewis Sound & Video installed projection and sound systems in a number of classrooms and computer labs at Heide Hall. The largest, Heide 101, is a tiered lecture hall with seating for 106 students. We installed:

  • Side by side Sanyo high-brightness multimedia projectors
  • A Crestron control system with 10" Isys touch panel, providing simplified operation of multimedia projectors, slide projectors, document camera, microphones, program audio, VCR and projection screens
  • An inset preview screen on the touch panel, so professors don't need to turn around to see what's being projected
  • An audio system based on a Peavey MediaMatrix digital signal processor and using a wireless lavalier, podium mic, Crown amplifiers and Atlas ceiling speakers
  • A Sennheiser assistive listening system for use by hearing-impaired students
  • Windows and Macintosh computers built into the podium
  • A laptop input for the instructor
  • AC power control and sequencing to protect AV system components
  • Sanyo's PJ Net Organizer system to allow maintenance and support of all Heide Hall projectors via the building's computer network

The touch panel makes it easy to operate a complex AV system. Note the inset preview monitor.

Lewis Sound networked all of the projectors in Heide Hall for easier support and maintenance.

Using two screens improves viewing in a wide room and makes side by side comparisons possible.

Heide Hall is one of many campus buildings with AV systems by Lewis Sound & Video.

Heide 101 with its side by side, 4100-lumen Sanyo projectors installed by Lewis Sound & Video.


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